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Rural Healthcare Outreach

Hope Line creates programs and strategies that help community members learn and engage in good healthcare practices like family planning and child spacing, malaria prevention, dental services, and HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness. 

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Hope Line's goal is to help abandoned women become self-sustaining and economically self-sufficient selling agricultural produce, tailoring and handicrafts. These at-risk women and their children benefit greatly from skills, emotional support and basic education. 


Click here to learn more about the women's centers and programs.




Hope Line has successfully built two schools, including Nkoko Bright Primary School and Kkoba Academy, which provide free education for orphans and children whose families cannot otherwise afford to send their children to school. These schools act as a sanctuary to over 180 students, by providing free meals everyday and the chance to interact with other children. 


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Click here to donate. . Every cent goes to support the community. 

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We are in need of volunteers, donations, and child sponsorships. Learn how you can empower a community. To learn more about volunteering, watch the short video below.

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