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Hope Line Uganda is a local NGO that works in several areas to support women and children at risk. We are a very small organization composed of compassionate people with only one simple aim - to improve members of our community's living conditions and motivate their development. Our projects include:


  • The administration of two primary schools, which provide education, lifeskills, health maintenance and food for the children.

  • We run two womens groups that provide both funding and guidance for projects that lead them toward self sustainability and provides emotional support for the traumas they have endured that have left them with little self esteem, unbearable anxieties around the well-being of their children and little hope for life beyond subsistance level. We help them move past despair.

  • We support a community health clinic and help community members learn and engage in good healthcare practices like family planning and child spacing, malaria prevention, dental services, and HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness. 

  • We are involved in various agriculture projects that provide food for the schools, with the excess being sold to fund our community projects.

  • We also work with a young men's group, helping them attain self reliability and mentoring them in a way that leads them toward productivity and healthy values.

  • We are available to all in our communities who require emergency help.


For more details on individual projects please click on our "Projects" page.



Tony Wanyoike is the founder and director of Hope Line Organization.  He was born and grew up in Kkoba village, a village of extreme poverty, despair and addiction, with no school and no healthcare for those with no money. His father was an alcoholic, who neglected his family and was rarely around. His mother died when he was six, tearing away the only stability in his life.


When he was 7, in order to survive, Tony took a job at a car wash a two hour walk away from his village. He was unable to attend school and his life was as bleak and hopeless as millions of other children in those conditions and at that level of poverty in Uganda.  He worked at the car wash for several years until he was offered a rare gift for a child of his status. He was sponsored to go to school, where he excelled and eventually won scholarships to go to University, where he majored in Economics.


Tony's childhood was never forgotten. As he matured, his compassion and desire to affect change grew. As he encountered more and more children who had no hope of education, the seeds of Hope Line were sown and Tony built his first school...Kennedy...which is now self sufficient. Kennedy has given way to Nkoko Bright, which is well on its way to self sufficiency, and our school at Kkoba, which is a special work in progress and is the only school at all in the community in which it is located.


Tony's memory of his mother has given him the empathy and understanding to work effectively and inspirationally with the abused and abandoned women of the womens groups he leads. And his desire to make change at core has led him to mentoring young men and teaching them the ways of self respect, responsibility and leadership. Tony's self sacrifice, unwavering commitment and love are the cornerstone of Hope Line Organisation.

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