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Just $60 ($5/month) can provide microfinance loans to 4 women to start their own businesses. This not only helps the women feed themselves and their children (on avg 8 each) but it also puts them on the road toward self-sufficiency.  


$120 ($10/month) can pay for regular medical check-ups for one child per year, with check-ups every term. The provision of these check-ups are highly important where children may be HIV-positive and so eaerly diagnosis and treatment is imperative in maintaining their health and therefore hope, and the drive to continue learning.


$360 (just $30/month) provides one child an entire year of education, counselling and career guidance, scholastic materials, school uniform, medical care, and meals at school.


$360 can pay a qualified teacher's salary, including their transport to and from school, which is important to attract the best teachers.


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