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Total required: $25,000 USD

Hope Line Uganda is a non-profit organisation with the major goal of raising the standard of living of those most in need. We are currently taking care of over 600 underprivileged families within the localities of the Buikwe district in Central Uganda. We work towards a day when our community has access to sufficient health care.

Kasubi Health Centre is one of the health centres we are working with to support people’s lives through medical services including HIV, Malaria, Typhoid and TB treatment, and immunizations along with many others.

Kasubi is the central health centre for a population of 15,000 people in 13 different villages. These are hard to reach areas which means that many mothers and children die on their way due to lack of transportation.

Hope Line have realized that this centre needs a transport service to pick up the sick from these hard to reach villages so that more people can be saved.

Your help goes towards the funding of a second-hand ambulance that can be used to collect those in need and end the suffering of sick children, mothers in labour and incapacitated elders. Thank you.

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