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To make these projects succesful, we need people who share the same values and goals and who will join hands with us. Our communities welcome all volunteers with open arms and hearts.


As a volunteer, you would be

  • helping teaching the kids at school, engaging in arts and crafts and creativity which they do not explore otherwise;

  • doing community projects such as building wells and pens;

  • assisting at the health clinic (no medical experience necessary) 

  • exchanging knowledge with the local people.


Volunteering provides a unique opportunity for cultural immersion and you will not leave unchanged!


Please contact us via phone or email if you are interested in volunteering and experiencing Ugandan village lifestyle!


We are grateful for any length of time you are willing to spend with us! 


The best way you can change a child's life is to educate and encourage them to become who they want to become. $360 (just $30/month) provides one child an entire year of education, counselling and career guidance, scholastic materials, school uniform, medical care, and meals at school.


Child sponsorship is a way of establishing a long term relationship and suport between a donor/sponsor. You will be able to write to your sponsored child who will also send you two letters per year concerning his/her wellbeing plus his/her grades in school. 


To sponsor a child  please visit the 'donate' page.



Although the goal is to move projects toward self-sufficiency, donations are required to enable continued growth of the programs so that more people can benefit. 


Please consider a donation for our ambitious projects to give hope of equal opportunity to these communities. Click on the link below to donate.


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